Cairns MRF

Cairns MRF
Site area
1,203 sqm
15,000 t/p.a
The challenge

COAG export ban

RDT was chosen to deliver Australia's first post-China MRF, following the announcement of China's 'National Sword Policy,' whereby China would no longer accept low grade recycled products. The project, undertaken on behalf of Cairns Regional Council, required a significant increase in the quality of the products created.

The solution

Local solutions

RDT installed vertical shaft impactor crushing technology in order to manufacture quality glass sand products. These are used locally to support the sustainable construction material market.

We also identified a local plastics re-processor who required access to Coloured HDPE and Polypropylene. To accommodate this, we increased the site's capacity to sort for five grades of plastic.

The system incorporates some of Machinex’s most recent sorting technologies. This includes different discs screen types to sort cardboard, newspaper and mixed paper. Optical sorters enhance and finish the separation of containers and mixed paper. The Alchemy Sure Sort system separates container plastics by polymer type and colour, maximising the value of recovered products.

The results

Technological Innovation

Our sorting technology sorts household collection from the regional councils and surrounding areas to produce 5 plastic grades with 98% purity. The facility has the capacity to process 25,000 t/p.a..

Here are some examples of key projects that demonstrate what we have achieved with our clients or as we call them, our partners.

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