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RDT works with carefully selected key partners to ensure we can provide our customers with globally leading, innovative and modern technology.
To date, RDT has designed and constructed numerous recycling facilities around Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. All of these plants combined process in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes per annum of recyclable waste. This reduces the amount of reusable commodities taking up valuable space within landfills.
RDT is proud to be a key partner of Machinex, delivering their world leading recycling equipment into projects across Australia and New Zealand. Machinex is a Canadian company that recently celebrated 50 years of operations, during which it has designed and installed over 250 turnkey facilities globally.
Machinex invests heavily in new technology development resulting in industry leading innovations; such as their unique disc screens, Hyperspectral optical sorting technology and SamurAI sorting robots. It is partnerships like this one that allows RDT to consistently offer the latest technology solutions to our clients.
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Alchemy sort
RDT partners with Alchemy across many of our industry leading, Australian sites. Alchemy is a New Zealand company that provides the Alchemy Optical Sorting system which improves the product separation of a MRF in a cost effective manner.
RDT is committed to passing on this best practice cost saving to our customers while consistently providing the latest technology solutions.
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RDT partners with Krysteline to bring their unique glass implosion technology to a number of Australian MRFs. Krysteline is an established UK based company that provides a patented implosion system for glass recycling.
This important partnership allows RDT to consistently offer up to date glass technology solutions to our clients that result in the best glass products.
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Sage Automation
RDT partners with Sage Automation on a number of recent MRF projects. Sage delivers agile, scalable and secure automation solutions and have been a key part of RDT's industry leading facility development and innovation.
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