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Adelaide SMRF
Site area
The challenge

Designed and commissioned during Covid-19

RDT was tasked to design and commission a facility that could accommodate the waste of all three member council's; City of Onkaparinga, City of Holdfast Bay and City of Marion. 

The joint venture with Re.Group and SRWRA was proposed to create a more resilient recycling sector for all of South Australia, with a 20-30 year operating term.

RDT faced a number of obstacles during the building process due to the events of the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic. However, due to our "hands on" approach to every task, the facility was commission on time and in budget.

The solution

International technology with local employment

RDT worked with international leader, Machinex to produce the world's best discs technology at the site including; screens to sort cardboard, newspaper and mixed paper, a ballistic separator to finish the separation of containers and mixed paper, and magnetic separators to remove ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our approach to market challenges is not to give up, but to ‘lift the bar’ again on the quality of all product outputs.

RDT made sure to employ local contractors to install the machinery onsite, keeping with Covid-19 restrictions while supporting the local community.

The results

Prime Minister approved

The facility, which was officially launched during the 25th National Recycling Week, efficiently processes the total co-mingled recyclables from the SRWRA member councils; City of Onkaparinga, City of Holdfast Bay and City of Marion, with capacity to service even more councils at 60,000 t/p.a.. During his March visit, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “Take a photo of that and send it to every other Council in Australia, that’s what they all should be doing.”

Here are some examples of key projects that demonstrate what we have achieved with our clients or as we call them, our partners.

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