RDT's Award Winning Innovation!

Congratulations to Change Maker Innovation Winners RDT Engineering! We know that technology is moving at a very fast pace and container refunds are absolutely no exception. Using home-grown Queensland innovation, RDT and Container Exchange (COEX) have introduced new systems, processes and efficiencies to solve challenges and enhance our customers’ experience.

“We have a really clever team of engineers and project managers at RDT Engineering that come up with great solutions to recycling problems all the time.”

– Dominic Schliebs, General Manager @ RDT Engineering

Joining the team is RDT’s CEO, David Rowland, a veteran within the Engineering industry. David will lead RDT’s continued technological growth and ensure our status as market leaders in design is maintained.

Building on the success of RDT over the last 17 years, David will oversee a team of specialists delivering tailored engineering solutions to local councils and private businesses, across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. His extensive industrial experience will be extremely valuable to continue the company’s collaborations, including those with our Return-It partners.

With David Rowland at the helm of RDT, leading our awesome engineering team, we can’t wait to see what will be delivered in the future.

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