RDT invests in recycling at LAWMAC

Suhaniya Chelliah

In June, Re.Group and RDT Engineering attended the Local Authority Waste Management Action Committee (LAWMAC) Conference in Yeppoon.  

In line with Re.Group and RDT Engineering’s current investment focus and vision for a wasteless society, LAWMAC’s event aimed to identify sustainable solutions across the LAWMAC region while working towards a #CircularEconomy and Zero Waste by 2050.  

The event highlighted a number of significant topics affecting the recycling sector including; transitioning to a circular economy, lithium battery safety, regulations and recycling options. The thoughtful panel discussion on Waste Education and Community Awareness at the Local Government level highlighted the importance of collaboration and communication between not only the government and industry stakeholders but the community as well, to ensure timely change and consistent progress. #NoTimeToWaste

The RDT team has come away from the event inspired to stay at the forefront of our sector with industry-leading technology, and implement even more #innovation across Australia and improve our many new sites.

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