Ocean Crusaders launches in Brisbane

Ocean Crusaders have launched the Automatic River Cleaner on the Brisbane River. Developed in collaboration with RDT Engineering, the Automatic River Cleaner (ARC) will collect and remove debris from the waters surrounding the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal, preventing hundreds of tonnes of litter entering Moreton Bay.

The ARC is a solar- and hydro-powered conveyor belt that picks debris up from the river, and deposits it into a skip bin – ready for collection. The Ocean Crusader operation is the first of its kind in Australia, and RDT’s involvement meant it was completely designed, engineered and produced in Brisbane, for use in the Brisbane River.

One of the many advantages of the ARC is that the conveyor in use is able to keep up with higher speeds due to increased river currents, or rainfall events. As the river runs faster, threatening to sweep debris into the ocean, the ARC is able to capture and collect debris quicker than usual. Ocean Crusaders hope to introduce similar operations in the Cooks and Georges Rivers in Sydney and the Yarra River in Melbourne.

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